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How would they know that my cr/crdacc was opened in 1995 ?

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    Just to add to what has been said

    If you have already been defaulted they can not do it again and I would not start the payments again- if you do you will never be rid of them. It seems cabot might just be looking at old accounts as i received a letter this week .


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      Originally posted by Reading-22-08 View Post
      One of their letters says they are waiting for the lender to provide the credit agreement. But it will be out of the 12 days can they still pursue me if they have the agreement after the 12 days? Also can they default me now since I did not pay the 1 this month. Should I resume with payments ? After 10 years of this courtesy of an alcoholic ex husband I want to move on and put this chapter being me. Thank you
      IF they find the paperwork, it must be a valid CCA, if not it is unenforceable in court, they can ask you to pay but you don't have to, Let us know if/ when they send anything

      Your account should of been defaulted before they were sold to Cabot, that is why I asked if/ when they were originaly defaulted, once defaulted and recorded with the CRAs (Credit Reference Agencys) they remain on the file for 6 years(5 in Scotland)
      after the 6 years(5) they drop off your file (even if money is still owing) and a default cannot be recorded againts that account again,
      they must send you a default notice to let you try and clear the missed payments,they don't record a default untill you have missed the date on the default notice,

      have a nice weekend NW x
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