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    Originally posted by Timewilltell View Post
    I value your comments Roger, I'm just very wary about putting too much info up too soon because I understand that these cretins also read the web! I have heard of cases whereby the solicitor produces screenshots from forums etc, so I think probably best not too draw too much attention whilst I'm still managing, Rightly or wrongly I guess? I still respect the opinions of those with greater experience on this forum, perhaps I'm being over cautious?
    In respect to my question, having received an intro letter from this Intrum people it merely makes a fleeting reference to debt being assigned but doesn't not use the words ' Notice of Assignment' ?
    We have the secure AAD+ section AND you shouldn't EVER give to specific information sic the value of the Debt. Personal information etc that can identify!
    My thinking happens to be the opposite of yours, debts are sold in tranches (bulked up) with actually little details given Debt Collection will target those whom are considered easy targets.
    The Debt business is looking for fast turnover and low Costs.

    I have come to think let them read and be spooked! by the good ADD advice.
    I prepare my files and make notes (for myself) in each of my own Debt Cases, strengths and weaknesses. That is taking control.
    AND Silence is golden.

    You can work yourself up into a frenzy over words and wording only to MISS something much more important .
    In the end with all of this it will boil down to the judgment of the Court (if it gets that far!) this is a long long way down the line! There are many reasons for UE

    Welcome to this so friendly site, now sow your seeds (Diary) and you will no doubt find nuggets of Good Advice.
    I think if you can set out this information in a Diary you will assuredly receive good and helpful advice with AAD.


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      Originally posted by Timewilltell View Post
      these have purchased a CC from the OC which I had been paying a nominal £5pm too for many years. So now let the games begin! I’ll stop payments until they can provide sufficient proof that they not only own but have a legal claim to collect. When I make it home I’ll take a closer look at the letter that arrived today to read the ‘small’ print as it didn’t sound correct over the phone. ??

      Did you call Intrum?

      That may not have been wise because you really do need to have everything in writing. A paper trail can be invaluable when dealing with court proceedings. It can make or break a case for either party.

      Have you ever sent a s77-79 CCA Request to either the original creditor or their agent (DCA)? You've said it was a credit card so they'll need to produce a credit agreement to succeed in court. It may never get to court but it's always best to 'hope for the best, and prepare for the worst'.

      However without knowing anything about this debt (e.g. what year was the account opened?) it's not possible to suggest how you should manage the situation.


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        Diana Mayhew

        sorry when I said over the phone, I meant when the wife read it to me as I work away from home.
        You have given me enough knowledge to know better than to actually speak verbally to these people.
        I have not done a CCA request as yet but it is in hand to be done in due season.
        The CC was originally taken out c2003, it has always been with the OC albeit on reduced payments for a number of years, last reduced payment December 2018 I think - difficult to remember when not at home with paperwork. default was 2010. Of top my head I think the balance is c£8k, but definitely not above £10k

        Im just being patient at present to see what the next move is from them and before I strike with requests.

        Thankyou for your interest.