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willmott clarke demand for money

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  • willmott clarke demand for money

    willmott clarke are demanding payment for preferential payment which we are disputing. if they take the case to court that we dispute, what will be there first move. will they usually go straight to applying for a ccj? if so will we be liable for court costs if they are successful?

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    Re: willmott clarke demand for money

    We'd need a lot more details. It's impossible to answer with the limited info given.

    For instance costs are usually only applied in fast track (+£10k) but if unreasonable behaviour occurs then you can apply in small claims. As for what they WILL do - I can't answer that but what I can answer is what they CAN do. If they successfully obtain a CCJ then at the same time they can apply for a charge against your property.

    However, first they need to win in court, to get that all important CCJ. I'd like to think you'd speak to us to help you avoid getting one instead of worrying about after effects.
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