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  • nhunter - INCONSISTENT


    I recently did an SAR to NHUNTER and found out that Halifax who i made my mortgage application to put "inconsistent" status in regards to my "salary being inconsistent" probably because they could not verify it? but never asked me for any documentation.

    I understand the inconsistent status stays on file for 3 years, this was put in July 2017 so it should automatically go away next year. However, i'd like to challenge this but i do not know how to start or from where. I realised HMRC has sent me a letter for my tax overview which has my income as 31,000, the broker put my income as 30,000 not sure where it went wrong but i'd like to send HMRC evidence to them which confirms my income.

    Can anyone guide me with the procedure?

    Do i send a letter to Halifax Complaints Dept? Then wait, if they do not remove it then complaint to ombudsman?

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    Maybe start with a Subject Access Request to Halifax to see what data they have on you which may enable you to make a complaint if that's the way forward.

    Did you fill in the mortgage application form yourself, or did you give the documentation to your broker who completed it on your behalf after you had signed the form?

    Did Halifax give you a reason for your mortgage application being rejected (assuming it was)? In my personal experience Underwriters never tell you anything regarding an application rejection decision.

    Had you applied for a mortgage with another lender where a different income amount was stated?

    You seem to think the inconsistency relates to HMRC information etc, but could it have been something else?

    A little more information could help you to get the help you seek..

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