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Cifas marker need help/advise :(

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  • Cifas marker need help/advise :(

    Guys & lasses I just need your help and advise so don't be judgmental I know I ****ed up and I know it's my fault.

    A month ago this dude from my area persisted me to use his card for money muling which at the time I was unaware of due to him telling me its safe and legal, its just a ’bank transfer.’ Quick and easy cash why not so I did it.

    The fraudster had my card/pin/online banking details. 4k was transferred to card however the fraudsters could not take the money out because the machine was broken but managed to transfer £200 to one dude and £300 to another through online banking. Consequently, the bank realised what was going on and closed due to fraudulent activity. I called Lloyd and they told me it was fraud which was when I realised I ducked up. They told to open a new account with a different bank so I decided to apply for Santander but got declined due to cifas marker.

    I've been so upset and depressed about the situation because this cifas marker will be on for 6 years and I can't get student finance/Maintenence. If I knew this would happen I would of have never done it. I want to snitch on the guy soo bad I got the evidence to prove it I screenshotted every conversation I had with him but even if I do that will lyyods understand me and remove it. I am a young kid that made a stupid and naive mistake I will do anything possible to fix it.
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