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Cifas marker need help/advise :(

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  • Cifas marker need help/advise :(

    Guys & lasses I just need your help and advise so don't be judgmental I know I ****ed up and I know it's my fault.

    A month ago this dude from my area persisted me to use his card for money muling which at the time I was unaware of due to him telling me its safe and legal, its just a ’bank transfer.’ Quick and easy cash why not so I did it.

    The fraudster had my card/pin/online banking details. 4k was transferred to card however the fraudsters could not take the money out because the machine was broken but managed to transfer £200 to one dude and £300 to another through online banking. Consequently, the bank realised what was going on and closed due to fraudulent activity. I called Lloyd and they told me it was fraud which was when I realised I ducked up. They told to open a new account with a different bank so I decided to apply for Santander but got declined due to cifas marker.

    I've been so upset and depressed about the situation because this cifas marker will be on for 6 years and I can't get student finance/Maintenence. If I knew this would happen I would of have never done it. I want to snitch on the guy soo bad I got the evidence to prove it I screenshotted every conversation I had with him but even if I do that will lyyods understand me and remove it. I am a young kid that made a stupid and naive mistake I will do anything possible to fix it.

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    Try Cashplus? or Monzo all you can do is try until you find but try and get one with no extra charges???
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      If fraud, a Cifasmarker is just one aspect. You may find there are other issues related to the criminal activity, which will prevent you from getting/maintaining further education and financial support and future employment.

      There may be a criminal charge as Conspiracy to Defraud is a crime. I am unsure of the definition of "money muling", but assume it is a form of money laundering, which is also a criminal offence.

      If you have been duped by your friends, you may have to go to the Police to report their activities to protect yourself and your future. It is highly likely that they are already under investigation.


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