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    I'm at the place of 6 years + 1 month on a couple of debts, nearing the SB mark for another debt (roll on 2nd August) but also have a couple of AP still on-going. It's been suggested in another thread ( ) that now would be a good time to check my credit file to make sure all default dates etc have been reported correctly, and while that makes a lot of sense, I'm also wary about doing so in case it somehow notifies creditors that I've been interested in my own records. Am I being paranoid? Should I be checking my credit file?

    Also, if I am to delve into the (unchecked for 6 years) history, are checkmyfile a good option rather than other individual CRAs?

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    I know Iím answering myself, but I think I found the answer in a completely different thread so will add the link here for future reference -

    Based on that, Iíll leave it a while longer (and certainly until after Aug) to check my credit files.


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