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CCA Request Payment.

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    Re: CCA Request Payment.

    Originally posted by Moopheeone View Post
    SAR, sent to Barclies 7th March
    Any update on the SAR?
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      Re: CCA Request Payment.

      Hi, sent SAR and just had a letter regarding voice recordings, they say they want more
      info, like the Numbers I called them on and the dates and they will TRY and locate them, BUT
      they only keep them for 12months, I have never spoken to them over the phone.
      Also have had a hearing date 3rd week in May and that witness statements must be in
      by the 2nd week in April, that is 5 weeks before the hearing, I called into my Local Court
      to ask why as I thought it was 14days before the hearing, The answer I got was, BECAUSE
      THAT IS WHAT THE JUDGE HAS ORDERED, so time to start preparing it.


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        Re: CCA Request Payment.

        So 43rd day tomorrow since Barclays signed for my SAR Request and nothing forthcoming
        only that letter regarding phone calls. What should my next step be.??.


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          Re: CCA Request Payment.

          So get a ream of spreadsheet printouts from Barclays, most in codes so can't understand it.
          Only Account details and statements, and coded details of 3 letters sent to whoever.
          No Agreement, Default Notice or any other details of of sale of account to IDR, as requested
          in my SAR Request, are they obliged to send everything that was asked for in the SAR request.????


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            Re: CCA Request Payment.

            Yes and if they can't then they should of said why, they should also send details of hat the codes mean(if you put that in your letter)
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              Re: CCA Request Payment.

              Hi, just sent them another letter requesting the information again or a reason why they can't supply it.
              Have given them 7 days to respond. Thanks for your reply.