Circumstances can change for people in a heartbeat, when it comes to life and finances, which can put a financial strain on people and relationships. People who have been able to manage their monthly re-payments may suddenly find themselves in dire straits, through no fault of their own. Illness and even a death in the family can cause financial strain. Loss of a job, a reduction in income. Many things can affect how we deal with our outgoings and it is important not to bury your head in the sand. You should never feel like you cannot speak to someone about your finances. Don’t be embarrassed. Sometimes it is necessary to ask for help and guidance. Sometimes things just happen which are beyond our control. There is always a solution to a situation.

Sometimes debts from a long time ago resurface that you may have completely forgotten about and all of a sudden you find yourself getting letters from a debt collection agency or a company threatening legal action if you do not make arrangements to repay.

The next step is legal proceedings. You will receive a County Court Claim Form and this is when the clock starts ticking. You have a time limit to comply with a Claim Form and it can be quite daunting trying to navigate your way through the process of litigation.

There is help out there, don't despair. The All-About-Debt Forum (AAD Consumer Forum) is a good source of help and advice, where you can get advice and tips on how to manager your creditors, however please be careful not to put anything on the forum that might identify who you are as some creditors peruse these advice forums looking for information that they may use against you in litigation.