As a business owner, it is the worst kind of double-whammy - first flood waters pour through the premises, and then the insurance does not cover the cost of starting over again. Pam Webb told the BBC that her spa in Fishlake, near Doncaster, was once covered for such a situation, but not anymore. "I feel really selfish in saying this, and I hope that other people aren't in this boat, but I've lost my home and my business and my livelihood that I've worked so hard for," she said. "And the girls who worked for me, or worked with me, it's their livelihoods as well." She has been looking for solace, but can find none, she said. Mrs Webb lives above her business - and so cases such as hers are quite rare. Most residents are covered for flood damage as a standard part of their home insurance policy, with the back up of a relatively new scheme to protect those in flood risk areas. This scheme, known as Flood Re, does not cover businesses in the same way. That makes this a complex area of finance, as is often the case with insurance.