A software developer accused of stealing data from finance company Capital One took files from over 30 other organisations, prosecutors claim. The alleged thief, Paige Thompson, was arrested after reportedly talking online about taking Capital One data. In court papers, the US Department of Justice claimed Paige Thompson had "terabytes" of data in her possession. It said she had "intruded" into servers belonging to companies, schools and government agencies. Legal challenges

Further charges against Ms Paige could result from the evidence gathered during a search of her home, it said. The FBI was working to identify all those who had had data taken so it could alert them to the suspected theft. And investigators were also looking at the types of information allegedly taken. The DoJ said there was no evidence yet that Ms Paige had tried to sell the data she had allegedly taken from Capital One. Ms Thompson is a former employee of Amazon and is alleged to have taken data from cloud servers it runs.