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    So I currently have a mid 2014 macbook pro with 128GB . Does me fine but there are a couple of niggles 1) When I shut the lid, sometimes the battery life drains away overnight 2) Sometimes the screen just goes blank, usually fixed if I plug it in or wait a while

    Anyway I can get a really good price on a new Macbook Air about £450 for the 128 and £550 for the 256Gb . Or for another 150 ish I think a macbook pro 128. Money is an issue though as I am on a limited income

    Clearly I like Macs but will admit I do not use them to their potential but I am used to how they work and the keyboard layout and can just about manage to type my essays at a reasonable speed

    Looking at the various Macbooks, I don't like the basic mac as it only has the one port so when charging you can not add anything else in, also no space for SD cards. Similar worries about the pro except it does have more ports - but I would have to spend more money to use USB connections.

    The air however, although it has what I need, expansion capability and USB ports , feels a little old hat so really looking for impartial advice.

    Weight is important but so is size, the mac is only 12 inches whereas the air is 13.3

    Any thoughts

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    I'm the least techie person to help you - I always go for style over substance. The colour matters most to me

    But there's a good unbiased article comparing the various models on the Which? website >



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      Thanks Di

      Pretty much decided on the Macbook Air 13inch - it does look nice and pretty :-)

      Just got to decide to see if I wait incase they revamp it in mid September which is on the rumour mill. I need it up and running by Oct 1st