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    Hi All,

    I was with Avro Energy till the end of this April.

    I was informed that you should be aware that as you pay up front on your DD whilst you loose the old and gain the new you are paying 2 energy providers one actual the other not providing.

    \so \i cancelled Avro but they had taken the next month already. So now I have a potential credit.

    Ofgem will not consider any complaints for 8 weeks. So if you do not cancel your DD on old you still pay for 2.
    Avro say it could takes 6 weeks to get a Final Statement So you are still paying into a company that can extend the Final Statement until (who knows when)

    If you view Facebook you will see so many complaints on this company not replying to emails etc.

    The MD JB studied law at Birmingham and the company is a limited company.

    So I have a credit of £450.00 on The Final statement. This came yesterday.

    People have not got that far with Avro as they are not getting replies, telephone not answered even on Emergency Number.

    Now I can go through the courts and Companies house on the management of this company.

    If you follow the basics. 1) Get new customers in. Get DD done, 2) forget about existing customers but increase their DD per month. 3) do not repay Credit. This is a nice earner in the bank. Move money out and say goodbye.

    So how do you get them too jump and say ok here is your Credit.

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    Does this mean you have a credit of £450 on account with an energy supplier who no longer supplies your energy?

    If so they should send you a cheque for that amount a.s.a.p. possibly with interest added!

    I'm assuming this relates to a post on your other thread and my response which I've posted below (your complaint would be escalated to Ombudsman Services - Energy not Ofgem) >

    Originally posted by Clive23 View Post
    I changed my Service Provider for gas & Electricity.

    The past provider has the right to continue receiving monthly payments until they produce a "Final Certificate"

    You cannot complain to ofgem for 8 weeks.

    Originally posted by PlanB View Post

    You are not alone in the need to complain about switching gas and/or electricity providers. It's the second most common complaint to the Ombudsman Services (your complaint would ultimately be to them not to Ofgem).

    The switch should take no more than 21 days and if there's a problem recovering any refund due to you from your old supplier within 10 days of the final bill, then they must pay you £30 compensation etc. More detail here >

    A common problem is a dispute over the meter readings which can be estimated by the old company to their advantage financially-speaking. I suggest to take your own meter readings (if you can) an if possible a photo of the meters as proof. Even if you have a smart meter they are not necessarily that smart

    If your meters haven't been read for some considerable time (bills always estimates) then the Ofgem Back Billing Code might help you in which they can't charge you for anything other than the last 12 months usage.

    It's a bit more complicated if you've had a Direct Debit set up but read about this possibility here >

    If you need to make a complaint then make it direct to your old energy supplier, and if it isn't resolved within 8 weeks you can refer your complaint to Ombudsman Services - Energy. You can do this online here >



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      Yes as many more of their customers are having problems with this company.

      The account I had with them ended April. In May they took another months payment though they where not my provider so I stopped the DD.

      They promised Statements but did not provide them until 1 day ago they showed my Credit Balance.

      If you view Facebook you will see some people have waited some 3 months and still not received their credit.

      They have a reputation of not replying to emails though they say could be 3-5 days but do not.

      I have threatened Court and Companies House but that does not move them.

      How a company can be run by this MD I am unsure of his qualities other than build the base of money and run. (Ltd Company)


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        Originally posted by Clive23 View Post
        account I had with them ended April. In May they took another months payment though they where not my provider so I stopped the DD.

        They promised Statements but did not provide them until 1 day ago they showed my Credit Balance.

        Does that Final Statement show that their calculation is based on an estimate or on an accurate meter reading?

        Did you take your own meter readings at the end of April?

        Do you know for how long you've been overpaying by DD (in order to have a £450 credit)?

        Did they arbitrarily decide the monthly DD amount or agree it with you?



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          I will follow your requests.
          1) Accurate reading from details I gave them and my new provider at the end of April
          2)I took all my meter readings.
          3) I need to qualify the figure on the 4th May Avro statement said £331.48 they then took another monthly payment when they was not my provider of £220.00. On the 16th May this then totalled £552.18. On their Final Statement they deducted for gas and Elec used in the period of April, which i agree was correct. This then produced the credit £429.69.
          4) On the start of using Avro they gave me the monthly cost they had decided I would need to pay.


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            It seems they may have finally got the amount you owed correct but took too long to do it, so in the very least they may owe you £30 compensation on top.

            Avro are no stranger to Ofgem who investigated them in 2019 over a potential breach of their regulations in respect of smart meter issues >


            So making them (Ofgem) aware of this billing issue might be a good thing if it prompts another investigation if other consumers also report them for the same thing



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              Just to continue with my post. I have submitted to Online Claims Court my request for Avro to pay the credit.

              But you have a problem if you do not go to the court to satisfy your credit. A) the company have 6 weeks to make a Final Statement. B) Ofgen want 8 weeks before you can complain. C) Then you have a wait after A & B to get a determination.
              That is why I decided to go to the Small Claims Court. On the Facebook web site there are a large amount of people with Credit on their accounts . Avro are taking a great deal of up front DD and holding onto Credits on their account. It is a Ltd company and recently fined by Ofgen £30,000.

              I see with my Court Claim I could be into a company that will fight it's corner.