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HMRC trying to claim tax on money not paid to me

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  • HMRC trying to claim tax on money not paid to me

    last March 2016, I gave up working for a small taxi company, forward to october I decided to take, in a lump sum, a small pension from the council, I received it, minus the tax that was due,
    I then passed some of my tax allowance to hubby as I would not be working, I have now received a letter from HMRC saying I underpaid tax as they did not take into account that I had passed my allowance to hubby,
    Ok so I owe some tax fair enough, but I wanted a breakdown to make sure it was correct.
    Imagine my suprise to be told that from the 6th April 2016 my ex boss had paid me for 6 weeks (when I wasn't working for him) and they had added that to the pension I withdrew.
    when I pointed out I hadn't received a wage since the end of march 2016 they told me to take it up with him.
    I have spoken to him " it's the accountants fault, I'll talk to him and get back to you"
    I have 3 weeks to pay HMRC and he goes on holiday for 4 weeks tomorrow.
    I don't mind paying what I owe but I am not paying on wages I haven't had,
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