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    Sadly for the second time in 3 months I have had my bike stolen. First time the insurance was quite smooth. This time the agents ( are being a pain. The bike cost £675 brand new in May and there was a £25 lock stolen as well. The excess is £100 so I would expect a payment of £599. the agents have offered my £519 which I refused and have gone back to admiral with a copy of my CC statement, a screenshot of the bike that was stolen which is also what I want to buy and a link.

    If they refuse to increase the offer can I accept but escalate to the ombudsman or do I have to refuse and escalate.

    I have a crime number and the bike was insured away from home etc etc

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    Well an update

    First off they claim they did receive the details I sent so gave me a different email address which worked. It then turns out that the day validated my claim and I refused their 'offer' the insurance company opened an investigation- coincidence?

    So on the Monday 23rd I spoke to them again and they said I would get a call back within 3 days, on the Thursday I got a call from the call handler saying I would soon receive an email ( a couple of days). I called back on the Tuesday to then receive an email asking for everything I sent previously and wanting a full recorded interview via the phone. I called them and I am afraid I lost it a little. I invoked the Equality Act 2010 . I was then told I would receive a call back within 3 days deciding if I needed an interview.

    Luckily I have been able to buy a new bike- I decided on the same one as the one was stolen and have now bought two serious heavy duty locks. One of them provided insurance if the bike is stolen by cutting through the lock which cost me £14 (although it was in $ but I have a CC with 0 foreign transaction fees thank god).

    I have lodged a complaint with them and also accused them of being difficult purely because I have made the complaint. It also seems their email system does not allow embedded pictures which my gmail does by default rather than using attachments.