I've not been on here for a while so not sure if I've posted in the right place but I'm sure someone will put me right if necessary. This is the second time I've typed it all because I managed to delete it the first time!

I have a Clydesdale credit card which offered interest free period of 26 months for purchases and 12 months balance transfers from the date of opening.

The T & C's referring to the allocation of payments is as follows. -

HOW WE USE YOUR PAYMENTS - If you do not pay the entire balance on your account we will apply the amount you pay to the outstanding balance starting with those items to which the highest interest rate applies. We will pay off statemented transactions before we pay off more recent transactions.

I therefore assumed that any payments I made within the first 12 months would go towards the balance transfers, because although they didn't accrue interest due to the offer, they would eventually be the amounts that the highest interest rate would apply to when interest became due.

The payments that I have made in 12 months cover the amounts of the transfers plus a few hundred pounds more but having received my statement, there is a large amount that has gone on to the standard rate and I can't figure how they have arrived at the amount.

I have spoken to them and to be honest, the explanation I was given made no sense at all so I am going to get in touch again and request a full statement showing how payments I have made have been applied.

I know that Niddy has fantastic knowledge of credit card T & C's so when I've got access to a scanner I will email a copy for him to have a look at if he has time.

In the meantime, if anyone has an opinion or experienced anything similar I would appreciate any comments.