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Virgin Credit card checker bit confused?

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  • Virgin Credit card checker bit confused?

    Hi, brand new to the forum, I went onto Virgin’s own pre-checker, put everything in and it came up GREAT NEWS if you apply for one of our cards you’ll be accepted.
    so went on and did the full application. Came back we’ll be in touch! One problem I had, it asked for my bank details, I put in the sort code and it went onto the application screen. But the account number would not be added, doubled checked it.
    Anyway, still sent it off, got an email today asking me to phone them, anyway it was regarding the account number, gave it to them, and blow me told me would still have to wait for a decision.

    feel it’s a little misleading saying you’ll get a card!
    can you tell me, on a “soft” search does it still check for say defaults,late payments or Court history?
    anyway, still got a Barclaycard and Capital One.
    Advice on this please
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    Oops it’s gone twice, sorry dupiclate post


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      I am guessing it will say you will get a card subject to final checks. I know B/Card did this to me then gave me a £1200 credit limit

      Soft searches shouldn't show but if they are doing final checks they will do a full credit check. All depends on what info they arrange to get on soft searches


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        Thanks Warwick65 still no word, what annoys me when they say “you’ll get the card” the final checks are they Cifas fraud checks and I believe your bank account can identify you? Oh well.....


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          I really am not sure what the final checks are- maybe its sorting out a credit limit . Sorry I can't be more help


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