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    Re: O2 Wallet - PAYG card

    I don't think will, as its a PAY-GO - read the T&C (But remember they'll might charge per text message alert of your balance worth reading the T&C) before committing)

    O2 | Finance and Insurance Terms and Conditions - O2 Wallet Agreement

    O2 Wallet Fee List

    O2 Wallet and Physical O2 Money Account Card
    What you can do and what it costs
    Introductory Fees
    (if different)
    Account fees

    Monthly / Yearly fee

    O2 Wallet application
    Includes O2 Money Account & O2 Money Account Card (virtual visa card)

    Upgrading to a Physical O2 Money Account Card
    FREE until 1 June 2012
    Replacing a lost or stolen O2 Money Account Card

    PIN reminders, PIN changes and password resets

    Account limit upgrades

    Loading money

    From your debit card

    Using cash at an epay or PayPoint
    Using cash in an O2 shop

    Spending money online and in shops

    O2 Money Account Card purchases (UK)

    O2 Money Account Card purchases (Abroad)
    2.75% *
    Money Withdrawals

    From an ATM (UK or abroad)
    (some ATMs may charge extra)
    Faster Payments transfer to your bank account
    (takes 1-2 hours)
    FREE until 1st June 2012
    Standard transfer to your bank account
    (takes upto 4 working days)
    Coming Soon
    Verify your bank account so it’s ready for Faster Payment transfers
    FREE until 1st June 2012
    Verify your bank account so it’s ready for standard transfers
    Coming Soon
    Money Message

    Sending a Money Message
    (for your first six months from registration)
    Receive a Money Message

    You can’t use the card in:
    • Places that can’t connect straight away to Visa, like some trains, planes and ships.
    • Pay At Pump machines at petrol stations. But you’re fine to pay inside with the cashier.
    • Gambling outlets (bookies and casinos) either online in person or on the lottery.
    4. Who's eligible

    1. 4.1
      By using your O2 Wallet you agree to this Agreement, and confirm your identity, that you’re 13 years of age or older, that you’re a UK resident and that all information you’ve given us in your application for an O2 Wallet is true.
    2. 4.2
      If you’re aged between 13 and 17 years old, you should read this Agreement with your parent or guardian. We’ll write to your parent or guardian to let them know you've applied for an O2 Wallet, but they won’t be able to access your account information or transactions.
    3. 4.3
      We may use an electronic identity verification provider to check your identity or other information during the lifetime of your O2 Wallet for the purpose of upgrading your account or for any other reason in connection with this Agreement. These checks will be held by the electronic identity verification provider and may leave an identity footprint on your records.
    4. 4.4
      You may hold only one O2 Wallet at a time. If your O2 Wallet is closed for any reason, you may apply for a new one but you’ll be re-assessed to see if you’re still eligible. We, at our absolute discretion, reserve the right to decide who’s eligible for an O2 Wallet.
    5. 4.5
      We are legally required to monitor all transactions to ensure we comply with our regulatory obligations and for crime and fraud prevention. We’re required to understand more about our customers to process certain transactions. If you’re a new account holder or you wish to make a larger than normal transaction, we may ask you for more information. If you want to make regular large (non-shopping) payments, contact us and we’ll let you know what additional information (if any) we need you to provide.

    I'm an official AAD Moderator and also a volunteer, here to help make the forum run smoothly. Any views or opinions are mine and not the official line of AAD. Similarly, any advice I have offered you is done so on an informal basis, without prejudice or liability. If in doubt seek advice from a qualified insured professional - Find a Solicitor or go to the National Probono Centre.

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      Re: O2 Wallet - PAYG card

      Originally posted by PlanB View Post
      Apparently I can but only at three in the morning when Niddy is online with two hours to spare to assist. Or maybe that was just a bad dream I had
      "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"


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        Re: O2 Wallet - PAYG card

        Thanks for this MK, it is very useful information. I know Niddy hates these pre-paid things, but I think they have their uses.

        I did look at this O2 card through a link which someone else provided, but saw that it had been discontinued. The best alternatives are the Orange prepaid card and one called Kalixa. They both have charges, but all except the initial fees can be avoided if you run the account the right way. Orange don't charge you for loading the card in their own shops, and you can load Kalixa for free at branches of Sharclays Bank.

        Replacement cards are free if you use the card within a certain time of expiry, and all card transactions are free. Just make sure you never use them to get cash out of a machine.

        They can be especially useful for people who have so many creditors that they are struggling to find a parachute account. Some of the poor basic accounts such as HSBC which offer no debit card can be combined with these pre-paid cards to give you a workable solution. You just transfer money onto the card using free online banking, and then use it as if it was a proper debit card.

        As for why you would want such a card when you've already got a debit card, it is just safety in numbers. Back in March, when I was booking advance railway tickets to holiday destinations (slightly less exotic than some I've read about recently), one transaction simply would not go through. I don't know why, as all of the others went through without any difficulty, but I would have been stuffed if I hadn't had another card to use.

        You never know what is going to happen next. I've been lucky in that I've been able to keep a full current account with cheque book and debit card throughout the whole of my UE adventure. When Santandire bought out the A&L and the old cheque book was no use any more I didn't think they would give me a new valid one, but they did. I've also got a Co-op Cashminder which gives me another debit card, but I still got Kalixa as a safety.

        For all I know, X Bank might buy out the Co-op next week and that account would be finished. If X Bank had bought out the A&L instead of Santandire I would have already lost that one. Keeping your eggs in one basket can lead to serious trouble, as any geezer who was ever daft enough to get married will doubtless tell you.

        I must admit I don't like that clause where they want to charge you for SMS messages. That is why I would still choose Kalixa as it is independent and not linked to a cell phone provider.

        You can even get free Virgin pre-paid cards which hold the balance in Euros and US Dollars. Useful for posh jet-setters, although not ones who go as far as the Southern Hemisphere.



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          Re: O2 Wallet - PAYG card

          Originally posted by Flowerpower
          Satan's Den has a habit of putting a stop on your card whenever you use it abroad without notifying them of your full itinerary. The first time they did it they left me pennyless in Spain!
          They put a stop on mine when I drew ten quid out of a cash machine in Hunstanton! I guess they've got a funny idea of where 'abroad' is.

          That was another time when the back up bank account and card came in useful.

          Originally posted by Flowerpower
          Last year I hadn't even gone anywhere, I'd just booked a flight and when I went to book a second flight the transaction was declined! Had to ring them in the nick of time and answer lots of questions to be able to pay £80 for an internal flight!
          Christ! How many &^*%ing holidays do you have in year???

          Haven't you got a back up card? I would definitely put that right, especially with your type of jet-setter's lifestyle.

          If you go to Europe a lot, the Virgin card in Euros might be useful to you. Just load it up before you go and spend it when you get there. It can still act as an emergency card if you need to spend any other currency (including sterling), you just get charged a 3.5% fee for every transaction which is not in Euros.

          Those cards are actually free to obtain, which is unusual. They are also free to top up by debit card, which is also unusual. The only slight downside is that the cards only last two years, and you need to make a transaction within the 8 weeks before expiry to get a free replacement (Do you ever have a period of eight weeks where you don't go on at least one holiday? LOL). If you're not on holiday and the card is about to expire, you can just use the card in the UK and pay the 3.5% fee, it will still get you the free replacement.

          Thanks for sharing those pictures of your latest trip, by the way. They really are inspirational to those of us who've never had the chance to leave Britain's shores.



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