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    Hi there Im a new member I really need some advice last year in June there were two random deposits in my Barclays accounts on two seprate occasions I was not aware of the first one until I called the bank as I was unable to log on to my Barclays app When I called barclays they told me I had a deposit on my account and I withdrew it. I did withdraw money that was showing on my account balance as I always have money in my account the second deposit arrived a week or so later at that point my account was already suspended and I went in to bank to make a withdrawal over the counter and they confirmed I had some money that had been deposited I told them that this payment was not for me and did not recognise the name or was not expecting any money from anyone. they froze my account for around 3 weeks while they investigated why I was getting online payments in to my account but told me a specialist team would be monitoring my account to trace the deposits as I had been identified as a victim of fraud. I was re-assured that the investigating team would look into this and give me further information regarding how my account details were being used for online transactions etc. following this the bank wrote to me that i can no longer bank with them and i do not fit their criteria to bank with them and to fully withdraw all my money so they could close the account. I was gutted I felt like no one could give me an explanation and the bank or the fraud team did not want to explain any further and that was it. At the time i raised a complaint but no one caled me back regarding this I started banking with natwest as i had a account with them already since uni, its been a year since ive been banking with them and no issues just last week via the app i opened a savings account and recieved an email to congratulate me followed by a letter with my account details then a random txt on my mopbile saying we have tried to call your contact number and the message was not delivered just yesterday they blocked my app and when i called them they have said my account is with the closure team and I will recieve a letter in a few days I do not know what is going on can somebody please help me I am not sure why im being treated like this I suffer from extreme anxiety and I feel so upset by all of this.


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