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    I’m a 20 year old student, I was 19 at the time of receiving my CIFAS marker. Before all this happened I had no idea was being a money mule was ect. I was added on Snapchat and asked if I wanted to make some money, I was struggling financially at the time due to university so I jumped at the idea. I was told it would be simple that I’d just have to give some bank details and that they’d buy some Bitcoin through my account. (I was not told that anything illegal would happen) me being the dumb teenager I am, I accepted, I believe around 1000 was placed into the account.

    Around 2 months later maybe 3 I got contacted by NatWest and told my bank of 20 years was closing on me. I was devastated and later found out that Monzo had placed a third party fraud facilitator onto me. I lied to Monzo in an attempt to get it removed because after I confronted the person on Snapchat about this they told me if i told anyone they would hurt me or my family. I blocked them after this.

    After Monzo denied me, I of course asked CIFAS themselves. They too denied it, I also lied to them. I am severely depressed and upset with this marker it’s ruining my life. I almost had to leave uni because of it and I’ve caused financial strain on my father because of it. I’m extremely desperate and although I made what may seem like an obviously stupid thing to do to some. I was desperate and not thinking clearly. Please is there anything I can do, I’ve contacted FOS but am awaiting there response to get in contact. Please can someone help me remove this marker.
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    Have spaced posting as makes easier reading.


    send above to:- Niddy:-
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      You've had a bank account since the year of your birth ????


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        My mother made me one pretty early on, I’d say I’ve had it a very long time exact date I cannot remember but maybe 20 years is a bit of an exaggeration. I wrote this post late at night whilst a bit drained and upset.