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  • CIFAS Marker Help?

    Hi everyone,

    Would anyone be kind enough to help me out with getting a CIFAS Marker removed?

    It’s a Misuse of Facility - Third Party Fraud Facilitator and it was issued by Barclays.

    A friend (who I thought I could trust)
    sent a message on Snapchat asking if I’d like the ‘chance to earn a little bit of Bitcoin’.

    With Bitcoin and crypto getting a lot of hype lately I asked what’s the catch jokingly and they told me that there’s no catch and all I had to do was sign up to Gemini (which is a regulated crypto exchange) and link my bank account to it. They also said they had to log in to my online banking (and before anyone jumps at me, I KNOW alarm bells should’ve started ringing as soon as they said that). I was apprehensive but I was told that it’s all legit and that all they were doing is sending bitcoin from their own wallet to the Gemini wallet I created and would sell it on the exchange and then wire transfer the sold Bitcoin to my bank account in GBP.

    I thought surely it can’t be fraud because I won’t be receiving money into my bank account from another account so it should be fine..

    Suddenly one day, I got a text from the bank saying my account had been frozen and to get in touch with the bank. They said that £3600 had been deposited into my bank account from another account at Santander and asked where the funds had come from. I told them I have no idea where the money’s come from and that I wasn’t expecting that much money to be deposited into my account in the first place. Long story short I denied any wrong doing and told them I have no knowledge about the funds deposited. The woman tried to scare me into saying the truth but I told her I only set up an account to purchase Bitcoin through Gemini, I have nothing to do with the money that came in and did not anticipate it.

    They did their review and in due course wrote a letter to me saying they had decided to close my account because of a violation of terms and conditions. Luckily I have an account with Starling I’ve had for years to use in the meantime but two weeks ago I received a letter from Lloyds saying that my help to buy ISA would be closed because of a risk assessment and information they’ve received from another bank. They suggested I obtain a SAR and I contacted CIFAS to which they replied and on the SAR is a Misuse of Facility marker issued by Barclays.

    I’m extremely stressed and worried my existing accounts will be shut down in a matter of time and I cannot afford for this to happen as I have multiple things on credit and need an account to keep up with my bills. Not only that but I wouldn’t be able to have any access to an account or credit for 6 YEARS.

    I had no idea the person would be sending fraudulent money to my account, it’s not what I was told and I believe I’ve been the victim of a money mule scam. It’s only now I’ve discovered what a money mule is and wasn’t aware there was a term for it. This was a genuine mistake and had I known better I would’ve never participated

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      Okay, will do so right away. Thank you for the response also!