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Cifas marker had sar to confirm

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  • Cifas marker had sar to confirm

    I'm a 21 year old guy with adhd and being screened for ASD and PTSD, I have poor concertstion and I am very impulsive. I got a cifas marker back in 2018 for accidentally putting the wrong amount for the cheque imaging on the internet banking, now this ended up clearing and being spent I will admit that. The bank closed my account the next day with immediate effect (Clydesdale Bank) Now me being me at the time I was in a very bad place mentally and I had no support from mental health team or anyone really.. I was put on sleeping medication whilst waiting on the mental health team and this had its side effects on me during the day as well. Quetiapine 75mg at night. Still on it to this day. Got a letter in October 2018 for a first appointment. Didnt end up getting my worker assigned to me til August 2019. Also in this time I was being denied my pip and esa so had no income so what was I gonna do when I had extra money for a change? I had no records of adulthood life in my notes as it was a quick move out of my parents due to my dad drinking constantly and I just couldn't deal with him making me feel low. So I ended up in temporary homeless accommodation So all they had was my childhood notes. And was unable to prove my mental health state at the time. My only income was £251 UC which was over time slowly deducted as different debts caught up with me due to me such as council tax, rent arrears repairs arrears due to smashing house up due to breakdowns. Etc. Now I'm on Lisdexamfetamine 30mg once daily and this has helped me move on slightly with focus and stuff. But my anxiety is still terrible and my bank accounts are being closed one by one slowly. I'm down to one and if this goes I'm screwed. Tried the app banks and monzo gave me 2 month closure notice as well. So that's out the question. Can someone help me get this removed. It's a Category 6 Misuse of Facility marker. I hope this makes sense and I will help with any bits I may have possibly missed out and dont make sense. I have already emailed CEO and executive complaints are dealing with it. What's my best way to go around this as they've not contacted me yet as I only emailed them 6 days ago. Sorry if this is all over place I'm so confused and dont normally do this. To classify asd is autistic spectrum disorder. Thanks for reading

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    Welcome to AAD. I do not know enough about CIFAS to give you help. Have you spoken to your worker for help or could they suggest someone who could help with how your health issues have contributed to your situation?

    I would suggest that you send a private message (PM) to our site administrator who may be able to give you some help. His contact details are

    Keep an eye on this thread because others with greater knowledge than me may offer some help.
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