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    Starling bank is pretty good as a backup bank.

    I recently applied (bear in mind I’ve 25+ full accounts with all banks) and got accepted with £750 OD.

    I then opened a business account, as again, it’s totally free to do so and no more credit checks are performed.

    So once youve got the main account just login and apply for business or joint account. It’s instsnt & very easy.

    Your overdraft is also a loan. So if you’re constantly overdrawn (15%) then you’re able to convert it into the loan over 12/24 months at a better 11%.

    The rates are set for all customers. Essentially your overdraft and loan is one but you can use either and the other reduces accordingly. Maximum (at time of writing) is £5k.

    No lending on joint / business accounts as yet. They’re just an extension to you / your personal account.

    Compared with Monzo (no overdraft offered), I highly rate Starling & it’s great for sole traders & one-director companies to get free business banking.

    If you want to sign up use our dedicated link -

    You can get access by downloading the app and using this Starling referral code: J9BRX4EE

    * we receive zero for the link usage. It’s purely for ease.
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