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  • Badly in need of help

    Hello AAD folks, to say I'm in urgent need of help would be an understatement. I don't know where to start, but in summary, I will soon have bailifs knocking on my door and creditors are circling overhead. I really need some help and advice before I lose my childrens home and don't know where to even start, my finances are in total disarray and it's just become an absolute monster out of control.. There's no money in the pot to even start to climb out of the hole.... where do I start? Can anybody help me please?

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    Ok so Tommy, you have started to take control - although it may not seem that way- by finding this forum, there are many on here that have been, currently are, in your position. The best way to obtain the correct advice is to detail each debt in a diary type format, one of the more distinguished members will be along shortly to direct you to that format, I keep meaning to copy it but never quite get there!

    Why are are you under the impression that bailiffs will soon be with you?


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      Thankyou so much. HMRC have sent me letters telling me so, it's all a mess. I had a business that has failed and they are claiming that I owe over 3k in unpaid VAT since 2017, but it's what they think I owe, because I stopped trading properly in 2017 and I have no books since 2016.. Everything went completely pair shaped in 2017, both business wise and personally... so with this debt and other debts from the company, I'm kinda in it deply..


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        You say Company was this a Limited Company?

        Your starting point of course is yourself and your family. You must eat etc..

        As for Debts
        Start now to file the paper work and separate the personal from business.

        These should be dealt with on a priority basis.
        Rates, Energy, Water, Mortgage etc..

        If there are problems with these essentials then you should write to these explaining your circumstances and perhaps offering token payments.

        As for the unessential Debts Set out a separate Diary entry for each of these. Do not engage with them at the phone txt MOB whatever from now on everything will be in writing!
        The AAD way uses a Diary format for each separate Debt .
        The Diary format will put you back in charge of your debts rather than have them drown you!

        I hope this starts to help. AAD doesn't judge and its a friendly place with people who really do know and understand your circumstances!
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          While we can help with debts you may want to take some advice from a registered debt charity such as citizens advice or national debt line. They are qualified and legally able to give advice whereas we can just say how it was for us and what we would do.

          If it helps though, when I talked to CAB way back when they suggested Bankruptcy although to be fair I was thinking that myself. I did not follow that path and now I am debt free because they are all statute barred apart from the one who took me to court and Joanna Connolly solicitors helped me defend - we won and the debt was ruled unenforceable.

          Have you been talking to HMRC or just reading their letters? Letters are intended to frighten you and it looks like they have worked.


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            Tommy do you have or did you have an accountant at the time? Did they wind the business up or did you just no longer submit any returns?


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              Hello Tommy,

              Have you managed to seek assistance in relation to your debt issues? Do you need any further guidance?

              Legal Disclaimer

              I am a Litigation Assistant at
              Joanna Connolly Solicitors a firm which specialises in consumer credit. If you need to contact me you can send a message by clicking on my username or by emailing me at or by telephoning 0330 053 9340. Our initial advice is always free.

              Any posts I make on the AAD Consumer Forum are for information and discussion purposes only and shouldn't be seen as legal advice. Any advice I provide on the forum is without liability. If you are unsure please seek formal legal guidance or contact your local citizens advice bureau at