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    Try not to worry; 2 weeks to wait will not have any impact on their actions. Just because they send lots of paperwork doesn’t mean that it is correct! In addition there can be many faults other than those with the CCA, such as the default notice and notice of assignment.
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      Niddy very kindly had a look at the credit agreement they sent. Unfortunately it's enforceable!

      I've still not heard from them since they sent the credit agreement to me, so I currently haven't got a payment plan set up (I recently cancelled my dmp with step change when I thought they didn't have a credit agreement). However, I'm sure they'll be in contact soon and I'll have to set up a plan I suppose. Im Thinking of offering them a small amount each month. Maybe a fiver or something. It will take a long time to pay off, but at least it won't feel like I'm paying anything really.

      The only other thing I'm wondering is whether they could start adding interest? This is a debt that was sold on to them from around 2009 and ever since I've been in a dmp with step change, the interest has stopped. As I say, I'm not in a dmp with step change anymore though..


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        Time to send SAR to Halifax cost £10 (cheaper than £500) will take 40 days but there are many reasons why an Agreement is UE not just the CCA.

        The Current Owner Idem First Finance Limited FCA Number: 643384 Ended 29/02/2016 (Unlicensed).

        As for Idem wait and see what they next send you before offering a penny. Post details (redacted) in your Diary and you will get advice.


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