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    Oh for Pete's sake Roger give it a rest


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      Originally posted by Ballister View Post
      Oh for Pete's sake Roger give it a rest
      This is Kenny91 Diary

      Type: M&S Credit Card
      Date Commenced: November 2007
      Current Balance: £2,000
      Default Date: July 2010
      Last Paid: March 2021
      6 June 2021 - CCA sent to Niddy for checking.
      9 June 2021 - Niddy deems M&S CCA unenforceable for now, but issue could be resolved.
      April 2023 - Debt has been sold to Lowell.


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        keep all postings amicable
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          Hi all,

          Glad to say it has been a quiet few months bar the odd Lowell letter for the alleged M&S debt.

          Quick question, given the news this morning about Nationwide looking to acquire Virgin Money, should I look to clear the balance on my Virgin CC and close the account sooner rather than later?

          I don't wish to risk offsetting given NW are still the owners of two of my alleged debts.

          Google tells me offsetting is usually when monies are taken from a bank account and used to pay down debts, but am curious if NW could use a similar tactic on my Virgin credit card. Anyone any idea if that is feasible/legal?




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            In my opinion they can not add a debt to a credit card to pay off another debt. It would be different if you had money in a virgin money account . However I am not sure if the day to day banking is being sold.


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              Offsetting could only apply if there was money on deposit.

              This is from the formal announcement of possible offer:-

              "Integration: Nationwide would seek to integrate Virgin Money gradually over multiple years into the Nationwide group, prioritising good customer outcomes following the completion of comprehensive planning and engagement with relevant stakeholders. In the medium term, Virgin Money would continue to operate as a separate legal entity within the Nationwide group, with a separate board of directors and a separate banking licence. Nationwide intends that the combined group would retain the “Virgin Money” brand in the medium term, but has agreed with Virgin Enterprises Limited (“Virgin Enterprises”) that it would cease doing so over a six-year period from completion of the Potential Acquisition, by which point Nationwide would intend to have re-branded the Virgin Money business."

              Also, the Nationwide chairman says -
              "Whilst this would mark another exciting chapter in our history, there is more work to be done and there is no guarantee that we will make a firm offer, nor that it would be accepted by Virgin Money’s shareholders."


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                Many thanks for the reassuring replies. I agree that offsetting doesn't appear possible/legal in this scenario, but wanted to cover all angles just in case.

                Am about half-way through my SB journey now and trying to keep as low a profile as possible, but will update as and when things crop up.

                For now, it's a no news is good news approach.




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                  Slightly interesting development with the 3 x alleged Lowell Debts (4, 6 and 7 in my earlier Diary posts) as have had an email out of the blue offering a 40% discount off the combined total.

                  Now, Debt 6 they have already tried and failed to secure the paperwork so I'm in a good position there, but slightly surprised by Debt 4 given I assumed the original creditor would have all the correct paperwork, perhaps they don't....

                  I recall getting an M&S cheque a couple years back for some reason that was never explained, but maybe they failed on a regulatory level and Lowell are now aware and chancing their arm with this offer?

                  Reading posts here and elsewhere on the web, such offers don't seem to be made willy nilly by this particular DCA, so feel reassured by its arrival, albeit am not interested in the settlement so will sit on hands.

                  All quiet on the other alleged debts which is just the way I like it.



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                    I would just keep quiet for now. That’s what I would do.