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  • Qotn2011 tries again


    A little bit about me........

    I did have diary a little while ago but was useless at updating it, so I am trying again.

    I have debts (silly statement really, otherwise why would I be here?)

    I also have MS and took medical retirement from work last year following a long and steady decline in my health. I was working in a stressful environment which made the MS worse. Thankfully since finishing work, my health has stabilised and I am doing OK. My monthly income gives me just about enough to live on but it unlikely that I will return to paid employment any time soon.

    I’d been struggling with debts for a while and began a DMP with Stepchange in 2014 which is still ongoing, My current outstanding balance is c15K.

    The next few entries will be about the debts and where I am now and I would appreciate your advice on what to do next.

    Many thanks