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    I have debts with several companies and have requested CCA's from them all taking advice from your forum. These debts all originate from around 2001 and before. I have received responses saying that they cannot find the CCA and they are unenforceable but would request that I continue to pay. I have one that has sent me what they call a true copy but I am not sure this is the case and they claim to have also enclosed a current copy.
    • Type of account: Store Card
    • Date commenced (ideally before Apr 2007): 6th August 2001
    • Approx balance: 515.92
    • Date last paid (approximate date you last made a FULL payment): May 2002
    • Are you on arrangement or not paying: Was on DMP currently not paying
    • Status (default/in arrears/up-to-date): Default
    • Account owner (who is writing to you, a DCA or the lender): Lender
    18th February 2019 - CCA Request Letter Sent
    27th February - Letter from Next stating they do not accept cheque payments and giving me no other option to pay for the CCA.
    6th March - Sent letter informing them they had failed to supply CCA within 12 days and I would not make any payments until I received the CCA.
    8th March - Letter from Next claiming to enclose a true copy of the CCA.

    What is my next step, how can I see if the CCA is a true copy or not. Anything interesting note is on the letter is states 'We note that the amount of 0.00 remains outstanding on the account.'

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