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    ".. two judgements, one in 2016 and another in 2017. The 2017 one is the one being pursued currently. .."

    At this moment what is needed is the NAME of the claimant!! If Cabot Financial (UK) was the claimant they are not FCA authorised
    THE ADDRESS the Claim was sent to by the Court!
    The CRA's Address will most likely be current and not a guide to this earlier address so don't be distracted by this!
    Yes to the original Creditor BUT I WOULDN'T SEND SAR'S AT this time.
    I certainly wouldn't SAR CABOT or have ANY CONTACT with them at this time!

    There were 2 CCJ's and it seems these were by default judgments
    I would restrict information at this stage (because for instance the 2016 will fall off CRA 2022 [but its seems nobody is chasing this] and the 2017 2023)

    So you need advice once you have this basic information I suggest you contact as to how best to proceed OR NOT

    @Colin G Quinn

    Contact Colin email of phone at or by telephoning 0330 053 9340. Our initial advice is always free.


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      Thanks, Julian.

      And thanks, Roger. I'll be contacting Colin soon. Needed a breather.


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        Originally posted by mr_reasonable View Post
        Thanks, Julian.
        And thanks, Roger. I'll be contacting Colin soon. Needed a breather.
        Time and costs come into the equation and lets not forget stress and Our Health!!
        At least you have been able to identify and find these CCJ'S whether its viable to overturn them or Not really is something else!

        I for one say a big thank you. Because anybody who has perhaps moved abroad or changing address can be a target for a sneaky default uncontested CCJ.
        But it pays to watch the CRA's for changes etc.. As well as asking post to be forwarded etc..
        I think what you achieved in such a short time is remarkable!!


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          From personal experience with Cabot, i can say the fact that the CCJ is older than 6 years and drops off the credit report, if it was ever put on the Register or the CRA reports, does not mean tgey do not chase.
          I am 16 years post CCJ and the worms found my 10 year dormant record with an attached CCJ marker, possibly when there was a lull, and every few months the trained rottweilers MC nip my heels by sending an I&E form to be returned in 7 days. Annoyingly I don't.


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            Originally posted by Roger View Post

            I think what you achieved in such a short time is remarkable!!
            Thanks, Roger. Earlier this week the Court contacted me to confirm that the bailiff was indeed a County Court bailiff. That took 12 working days. Faster than I was anticipating but nonetheless alarming, given that the Court and the Police recommend not to engage with someone at your door claiming to be a bailiff until you have contacted the Court and confirmed their identity.

            I ran out of steam but am readying for round two.

            I wouldn't have been able to move ahead without this forum and the excellent information and advice available.

            The Court refused to disclose the case number and the warrant number as I was not the defendant. I assumed they were on the public record and that disclosure wouldn't be an issue? Amusing that the bailiff had no problems disclosing that info to me.

            Thanks for the encouraging words. It all helps.