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  • PRA Group CCA

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if someone could please have a look over a response to my CCA request to PRA Group and advise whether it conforms to the request?

    I note that it is a reconstituted agreement and that there is no mention of an account number on the agreement itself (only on a cover letter from Barclaycard), and no dates or tick/signature boxes (not sure if these are required? it was an online deal so no signature exists however I assumed there would be something that replaces it?)

    Type of account Barclaycard Credit Card
    • Date commenced Aug 2016
    • Approx balance 4650
    • Date last paid (Novemberr 2016)
    • Are you on arrangement or not paying - No longer making payment, last payment November 2018.
    • Status (default/in arrears/up-to-date) Default (Feb 2017)
    • Account owner (PRA Group)
    Thanks in advance.

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    send copy no crossing out to:- for checking
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      Hi Fernigan

      Be prepared to be told the agreement is enforceable because (if I have read it right) it was only opened a couple of years ago. However, there really is a lot more to enforcing a debt in court than just the agreement.

      The sorts of things you need to look for are
      1) The agreement
      2) The S87(1) Default Notice
      3) The Notice of assignment
      3) The Deed of assignment - this is the sale agreement between barclaycard and PRA and can tell you a lot although getting to see it can be difficult . I have only ever seen one and it said that after a certain period of time(a year I think) the OC would not provide any info . They are though all different so don't think what I have seen will apply to you
      4) Licensing issues- are the people who are claiming the money actually allowed to

      Lots to think about- do you have copies of the DN and notice of assignment etc - all useful and keep them locked away


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        Many thanks for your quick response.

        Warrick, I may have some of these letters, i.e the default and perhaps notice of assignment but would need to go digging for these.
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