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Successful PPI claim

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  • Successful PPI claim

    A few years ago, I sought advice whether I should put PPI claim into one of my creditors, got some great advice from the folk here. I took that advice and did nothing.

    Last month, finally took my head from my... and put a couple of claims in, I wasn't particularly confident as I was fully employed at the time and didn't fit into any of the typically missold categories.

    ​​​​Amex wrote to me a week or so back telling me that they reject my claim, I shall be escalating to the FOS.
    Lloyds Bank sent a letter that I received this morning notifying me that my claim was successful, apologised for misselling and promised a cheque for just over £6k within a month.

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the assistance and giving me belief that I could be successful. You guys and gals do a great public service, certainly better than any debt charity sponsored by the same industry they claim to help defending us from.

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    This is such good news about Lloyds.

    Christmas has come early for you



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      I love good News xx
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