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Refund of charges

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  • Refund of charges

    It seems apposite that a letter was dated 1st April, but who is the fool?

    Once upon a time, a credit agreement fell into arrears, and fines and interest on interest mounted so high, the princess was unable to bear it, and stopped paying.
    The wicked creditor threatened and threaten and gnashed his sharp teeth, but the poor princess hid away. In his ire the creditor threw the debt to the sharks, who were so well fed they did not even bother tormenting the princess, but swam around in their debt swamp.
    Then one day, the swamp master took the debt to his lair and began to threaten the princess once more. Too late, for the princess had gone to a land far far away from the sharks, distanced by at least 6 years. All was calm and peaceful in that land.
    The princess was living happily ever after, until one day the tranquility was disturbed, when a travelling troubadour arrived at the castle and sang a strange story. His tale told of a grave mistake made by an evil creditor, which caused him such pain, that he sought absolution from all those whom he had wronged giving silver coins in retribution. The evil creditor was mortified for inflicting such pain, by his mistake which led to the princess and many others being made destitute. The injustice was made even worse by throwing the silver coins into the sharks' swamp instead of to the princess.
    The sharks were overjoyed, as they had only given the evil creditor a tithe of the pot of gold, and gloated to the princess. The princess was way way narked to hear it.

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    Refund of 2k for charges and interest on 4k (0riginally 2k agreement which had been paid regularly so 1k max truly pending from 2005). Came via the DCA with a letter from OC enclosed.

    AM I bovvered that the absence of "illegal" charges and interest would have cleared the original outstanding amount? Darned annoyed but sitting still.

    Just thinking, if I had written saying SB - bog off, would the OC have given me the refund?

    Does a DCA write off an item known to be SB? Hopefully, they will not be silly enough to try and bop me with a payment to restart the completely dead clock to demand the rest.


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