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    I'm not sure where to post this si I've dropped it in the 'General'section for want of a better place.

    I read something about 'spy pixels' last week so installed the 'Ugly Email' Chrome extension to see if anything was happening to my inbox. I promptly forgot all about it until I noticed a new 'eye' flag on all the mails from PRA; this lists them as being sent via 'Mailjet' and also strips out links and some graphics within the mails.

    I don't think it's anything to be too concerned about but wondered if anyone has looked into it further and knows what use PRA might put the information to?

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    "..The Mailjet webhook resources allow you to receive real-time notification through HTTP requests on events linked to the messages you sent. This event notification works for both transactional and marketing emails. The supported events are open, click, bounce, spam, blocked, unsub and sent. .."

    Mark them and send them to SPAM without opening! That provides a nice response for the sender doesn't it!

    Follow the simply rule "Letters by Post only"
    because of course there are plenty of fraudulent emails being sent out and especially during lockdown (thats what the press are telling Us)
    Especially emails making claims for money!
    How would you or I know whether these were or were NOT Fraudulent?
    So SPAM them!!
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