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Should I tidy up a credit file?

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    Originally posted by Diana Mayhew View Post

    Hello ross450

    I've deleted the link in your post because it is to an unauthorised firm which I reported to the FCA earlier this year resulting in the business being placed on their register of clone firms as a warning to consumers >

    So I'm surprised to see another link to the business being posted on this forum again today.

    I called the number on their website this morning and spoke to someone who gave me the name of the limited company providing the service. However when I checked on Companies House website the company had been dissolved.

    I have now contacted the FCA again and given them an update. I believe that they also liaise with Action Fraud if appropriate.

    Please don't post the firm's details on this forum again.

    Thank You


    I should add that I have checked/called the phone number previously used by the business and the message says it has been terminated by BT "due to a potential breach of our terms of service . . . . your call may have been routed outside of the UK".

    I will now give BT the new number to investigate

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