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Should I end my DMP?

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  • Should I end my DMP?

    Hi there...first post on here,so I hope I’m in the right place. I intend to post a diary thread, I Just have a question before that. In brief I’m in a DMP with Stepchange (since 2014) 5 accounts, with 3 creditors. I want to reach F&Fs with this now if I can. I’ve asked for CCA’s, 4 haven’t been able to, 1 (IDEM) has sent some CCA papers (whether they are legit remains to be seen). My plan was to stop payments to the 4 who can’t provide CCA’s to perhaps strengthen my position for F&F’s, however from what I have read, Stepchange maybe won’t stop those payments on the grounds of enforceability. I’m am due to submit my income/expenditure details to SC. I’ve have been kicking this down the road pondering what to do, and they tell me that my DMP will end by end of Oct if I don’t submit income/exp details.

    So should I end the DMP and deal with all the DCA’s myself, perhaps continuing to just pay IDEM, until I can get some clarity on the paperwork they sent, or keep it running but drop the monthly payment, to peanuts (Although I think there is a minimum that Stepchange will put forward?) any help appreciated (I think that was perhaps more than one question, sorry) Thanks.