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Natwest re-added a defaulted account?

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  • Natwest re-added a defaulted account?

    So my Natwest loan account had a default date of 28.11.12 and has been defaulted since this date. I looked at my credit report today with Equifax direct (free trial) and this account has been re-added on my credit file as of the 03.12.18 and now shows 'in arrears!'

    I'm absolutely livid. I've had this default for 6 years and was under the impression that after that period of time it would be gone!

    Can anyone advise what I should do and the quickest way to go about getting Natwest to remove this account asap. I'm thinking of using Resolver for an online account


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    Have you been making payments to the account or did you stop?

    Do you have a copy of a credit report showing the account with a default date of 28.11.12 If you do I think my next step would be to contact equifax and say it is incorrect as the account was defaulted over 6 years ago

    Before you do anything though, answer the above questions

    Are there any more details on the in arrears such as the payment history

    Do the account numbers match up?


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      HI Warwick,

      I was going through Stepchange until Sept this year when I stopped paying and sent my prove it letters (not heard anything from them)
      Yes I have the checkmyfile credit report showing the default date on 28.11.12

      The account looks like it's been added and is brand new.
      I've attached some edited screenshots - i've removed my personal/identifying info only
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        oh, and the account numbers are the same - so it's the same account they are referring to