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MBNA/PRA Group default not registered with CRA

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  • MBNA/PRA Group default not registered with CRA

    Hi, Iím looking for a bit of advice please.

    I received default notices on all the debts I held in 2011. Having checked my Experian credit report, Iíve realised that one debt is still recorded (the others have dropped off).

    The status of the debt is closed and it says Ďaccount settledí with the date I made a f&f settlement on the account. It also has a note saying Ďdebt management programmeí that it had been included in a DMP. I think that a default was never registered for this account and thatís why it hasnít dropped off.

    So Iím wondering should I try to chase this up to get it classed as a defaulted account so it would drop off my credit record? Is this possible? If so who would I chase this with and whatís the likeliness of success? Or should I just leave it as it is?

    Iíve already queried it with Experian and they just said that itís not a defaulted account and account reads as settled in Sept 2016, so it will be removed in 2022.

    Unfortunately I donít have any written record of the default as when I made f&f settlements I binned a lot of my older paperwork.

    Thank you.
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