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DCAs buy debts with CCJ

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  • DCAs buy debts with CCJ

    It seems to be that
    - a CCJ is taken out by the original creditor and that a DCA purchasing a debt buys the debt, but must ask the court for the CCJ to be transferred to them.
    - the CCJ is only applicable to the named creditor on the CCJ, until such a time as the CCJ is updated with their name.
    - there is apparently no legal connection between the CCJ and the "new owner" of the debt, and consequently no ability to enforce the CCJ.
    - the CCJ in the name of the original owner is not enforceable by the DCA buyer, albeit the debt has been assigned.

    What is the process and cost for a DCAs to assign a CCJ to themselves when they purchase a debt with an existing CCJ?
    - Is there a hearing/application where the debtor can respond to or counter the change?
    - Is there a time limit, between the purchase of the debt and the request for the name change? e.g. if they seek to change to pursue enforcement after 6+ years, which appears to be the nominal time for attempting to enforce a CCJ.

    Does this ever happen?