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Bristow and Sutor, student council tax. BAILIFFS!

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  • Bristow and Sutor, student council tax. BAILIFFS!

    Hey everyone,

    So I am in a bit of trouble, I am a student and therefore exempt from paying council tax, I have sent the proof of my student status to my local council many times with the expected end of my course dates, etc. this even included a special letter from my University. So every year they keep asking me to submit this proof, which is quite abnoxious as it clearly states when my course ends and no other student has do to it but me.

    So my local council then took me to court and asked me to pay the council tax and £90 in court costs. I called them and explained to them that I have submitted proof ages ago, even prior to their letters but apparently they 'did not receive it', I kept calling them and it still went nowhere. When I lost it and started shouting to them on the phone, they fixed everything... BUT They told me I was still liable to pay the £90 court costs, then when I told them that I have submitted proof of me being a student way before the whole process of court commenced, they were still telling me that I was liable to pay the costs... Then Bristow and Sutor got involved, they have sent a bailiff to my house and now I am liable to pay £400 in costs which is absolutely ridiculous!

    I am currently looking at my options and I am completely lost, as the bailiff had given me time until the 13th of this month which makes it 2 days before he comes in and seizes my goods,etc. I am even looking into getting legal advice and suing them or the council for the costs and compensation as I am not sure what to do now and which type of law firms deal with these kind of issues!

    If any of you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it, thanks a lot!

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    Speak to:-

    or by telephoning
    0330 053 9340.
    Our initial advice is always free.


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      Hi Jamie

      I hope they haven't been today and sorry I missed you.

      You are right, as a student you should not be paying council tax although if there are any other adults in the property who are not students there may be a liability.

      My council also ask for a new student status letter every year because I could have left or suspended my studies. I do know in some areas, the councils have agreements with councils to share info.

      However, you need this sorting. Are you a university student? I bet your SU will have an advice centre and the university will have well being support . The university may even have emergency funding where they can lend or even give you the money as an emergency grant.

      Can you update us although I am out all day tomorrow