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  • Fighting a losing battle?

    Myself and my wife are full time students, she is at Uni and I am at college, both in second year. We've had a reoccuring issue with our local council. Dispite taking in multiple letters to prove exemption from council tax, we've now got Rossendales harassing us for 1400 in unpaid council tax.
    I've e-mailed Rossendales informing them the amount is disputed for the above reason, the council aren't interested. Even taking the receipt proving they've received the letters seemingly isn't enough to solve this I'm at a loss of what to do and who to turn to.
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    I have had a similar issue with council tax and money I didn't owe, they sent it to rosendales, I tried to get them to understand I didn't owe the money they didn't accept that, so I had threats of this company coming to my house, that was the final straw, I resolved it by the following.

    I attended the councils office on the busiest day as they share the office with the job centre for sign on day, and demanded to see their legal adviser there and then and court officer, and politely kicked off at them until they did it, they refused and called security who I explained it was a civil matter to and after 2hrs I refused to leave and they were forced to get their court adviser and legal manager down and I demanded they fix it now in front of about 60 witnesses or I go over to the court and make a claim against the council, eventually we went to a private room and another 3hrs of me demanding what I wanted they folded and apologised and agreed to resolve it before I left and sign an agreement and pay compensation to me


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