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Bailiffs threatening entry, not the debtors address.

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  • Bailiffs threatening entry, not the debtors address.

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me help my daughter. Her son went off the rails and crashed his uninsured car into another. He was convicted and fined. The third party got a ccj against him and this was elevated to the HCT. The son's not lived at the mother's address for over 2 years and we don't actually know where he lives. The problem is the bailiffs keep bothering her, initially with threats of walk in possession etc. I've written to them and explained the son's long gone. Now they threaten her with an application to seek authority to enter her house. Personally I think they're winging it. She isn't the defendant and isn't party to these proceedings. Everything names her son as the defendant. Although I want to tell them to 'do one' as well as sending a harassment letter to them and a copy for the ct file I ought to hold fire and listen to your thoughts. :-) They also keep insisting she should show them her council tax bill. I think that's none of their business.

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      If it would put and end to the harassment, is there any reason she could not show them the documents mentioned in the very last paragraph of their notice?


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        Thanks for your reply :-) I think she doesn't like their bullying tactics. She pays her dues, stands on her own two feet and doesn't like being intimidated. She could show them her bills but feels her personal details are none of their business. Besides, proving she pays the bills etc doesn't really prove anything. I guess the bailiff is hoping the bills are in a joint name. They've already been told it was her son and he left years ago. She's mainly worried somebody will break in while she's at work and hurt her 2 miniature dogs. My main interest is, can they get an order to enter her house when she's not the defendant and the son's not there and probably isn't even aware of the proceedings. I don't think they can, I think they're bluffing but she needs reassurance. :-) If a bailiff arrived at my house for a non related matter I wouldn't divulge my personal stuff. I'd send him packing to do his homework.


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          Have you seen the links Niddy put on another thread to the CAB website and info about dealing with bailiffs?

          Here is a link to one of the pages, and you will be able to browse the associated links from here -


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            That looks interesting, thank you. I'm sure I can send them some sort of a reply.


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