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Telephone Calls - How do you handle them?

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  • Warwick65
    When I got a call about windows they asked me to turn it on. I told them I could see an apple with a bite taken out of it. Quick as a flash I got transferred to the Macintosh help desk !

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  • nightwatch
    Apart from Cabot, no one seems to phone me now. it's about my Nationwide account which will be SB in September,so will expect a flurry of activity and court threats in the next few months. Di is on standby.
    I have been getting calls from Tanzania, but they don't leave a message and I won't call them back
    my problem with Windows must be fixed as they don't bother any more.

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  • Warwick65
    Hi NW

    I wanted to promote discussion , not arguments.

    I do absolutely take your point, in the early days, with so very many accounts my phone was ringing constantly , in fact both phones and I very quickly sent the letter about only discussing in writing. This was the best thing I could have done at the time.

    Sadly, as debts get sold on, this sort of info does not follow the account so the new owner has no idea (so they claim) you will only discuss in writing. Then the whole circle starts again

    I am also a little paranoid about my post, I live in key access flats and although the post office has a key to get in, they often forget, or even lose it. I have at times gone two weeks or more without a single letter and when they do arrive they don't seem to all be there- I certainly have missing bank and credit card statements.

    With regard to calls, the best thing I actually did was to take all minder off my phone - people who need me have my mobile and I am rarely at home. The big thing though is that when an automated dealer calls, it just rings and never registers as connecting- it seems to have stopped many of these scam calls or write off your debt type ones.

    I also worry because I get calls for someone at a similar but different address who does not exist

    I would agree that in general, until someone has confidence, saying in writing only is the best thing

    On a plus note, April is when my last default comes off my credit file so then it will be party time and I expect my credit score to improve - might even be able to get some lower interest credit cards although I only have a balance on my 0% Tesco card

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  • nightwatch
    i think what i was tryng to say is;
    that was a call early on in my self managed plan, 2 years before i found AAD,
    I managed because I had worked in a call center for a debt management company (fee paying) and knew at the time how much bullying, to get you to pay more than you should, went on at the time.also because i'm a nasty bitch when called for.
    so for a newby trying for UE/ SB, not speaking on the phone is best.
    once you have dealt with a few of them, feel more in control, then speak to them if you like.
    At the moment Cabot are leaving automated messages asking " if you are free to talk now, press 1, or call xxxxxxxxxx" they don't say who they want to speak to, so they get deleted, I know it's me they wan't to speak to, but can't be bovvered, will send them the SWID soon,

    Have a nice day now
    NW x

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  • Warwick65
    I think we’ve all had the rude and manipulative people who try and make you feel like a bad person.
    I wasn’t suggesting getting into deep conversation but if like me you need to take your socks off to count the number of accounts ...just keeping track of who is currently chasing you can help.

    The hard bit bit is being firm about not engaging in conversation

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  • The Tech Clerk
    you do tend to have that affect on the fleecers lol!???? they go loopy

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  • nightwatch
    Speaking on the phone is ok for some of the more seasoned of us, for some starting out it could be a big mistake.
    I had a call from 1st Credit many years passed. Who wanted to know the ins and outs of a ducks backside.
    I said I had replied to their recent letter and would not be repeating myself over the phone, he carried on asking questions and I kept saying " please read my reply" till he hung up
    following day another call, female this time. Told her I had spoken to someone the day before, she said I hadn't answered the questions they wanted answering and they would keep phoning till I did
    pointed out I had replied to them in the letter I sent and would not do so again over the phone ,plus if they kept phoning I would get them for harassment.

    well she must of had a bad night as she started ranting and raving at me, shouting about how stupid I was to get into debt and they were going to take every penny I had and put my kids into care as I was a bad mother.
    when she stopped for breath I calmly said, please put your line manager on the phone, she said something in Indian and hung up.
    I called straight back and when the phone was answered I could still hear her ranting in the background.
    said to the girl taking my call" the woman ranting in the office has just hung up on me, I asked to speak with the line manager to make a complaint, please tell her I have decided to go higher and will be complaining to the head of the company, as I worked in telephone sales I will also be contacting your compliance department about the insults in english and Indian.
    is that understood.
    the silence in the background was comical.
    I didn't send a complaint as I received a letter 2 days later,saying they would accept my payments and gave me an end date for them of 2029, also that while I am paying I would receive no calls.
    I did get a call 6 months later. They just said " can you afford a higher payment? Said no and he said Ok no problem.
    Often wonder if she was sacked straight away after they listened to the recordings.

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  • Warwick65
    started a topic Telephone Calls - How do you handle them?

    Telephone Calls - How do you handle them?

    I thought it might be interesting to start a discussion about telephone calls and how to handle them.

    So I know the received wisdom is to say something along the lines of 'I'm sorry but I do not deal with anything over the phone' but is this always the best solution and if not what to do.

    Ok so I have an account with a well known (possibly unlicensed) DCA. They are in default of a CCA request - I mean a previous owner sent one but it wasn't complete, there are also potentially other problems with it

    It is probably statute barred

    The same debt purchaser own several of my accounts

    So I get a letter saying they had appointed firm x to deal with it, I ignored. They then sent a letter saying as I hadn't responded they had returned it to their client

    Wednesday I got a call from said DCA and I gave the usual words followed by saying the last letter I received said the account had been returned to your client - oh said a surprised voice and I hung up.

    Anyway curiosity got the better of me- was this another account or what so anyway I called them back from the number they had - explained I wanted to check what the call was about

    They did ask me for my mobile number and email address but I politely said it was not something I gave out

    They then confirmed it was the account I thought it was so I just said ok,"I deny any liability as the account is disputed' (they had told me the calls were recorded)

    I feel better knowing it is sorted

    Same debt purchaser also phoned me last year about a different debt- now this one was also in default of a CCA request and was also statute barred so on this occasion I said I sent a cca request over 12 months ago and you have not replied although I know you received it - the nice young man went off and asked someone then came back said sorry for bothering you and we have now closed the account, you won't hear from us again

    So you see, I personally think, if you are confident enough and careful with what you say there is no problem with confirming what the call is about but
    Only confirm info you know they have such as name , address etc but not alternative phone numbers or emails
    Never engage in conversation about what you are going to do
    If necessary tell them the account is in dispute but not necessarily why

    What does anyone else think?