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  • My debt free diary

    • Date commenced - 2013
    • Approx balance at default - £3700
    • Default - 27 5 2016
    • Last payment September 15
    • Status - Default
    • Debt Assigned to CAIS Member Start Date01/08/2016
    • Hoist 1 (credit file)
    • No cca/sar request Sent

    Feb 2017 letter from bcard saying they debt has been assigned to hph2

    Sept 2017 letter from bcard stating they have charged me too much interest during a promotional period to which they have refunded x amount to hoist

    Sept 2020 Letter from bcard advising me that are refunding x amount to hoist due to Default fees adversely affecting me.

    I have just recived the standard letters and message from hoist which range from pay what owe to discount letters.

    After reading through everybody else's diary I thought I would share mine, my plan of action is to do nothing until hoist threaten court action.

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    Just a couple of initial enquiries:-

    You say last payment September 15 - just for clarity, is that 2015?
    Do you have statements to show that Hoist actually credited those refunds to your account?


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      Yes the last payment was Sept 2015, Hoist have never sent me any account statements or anything to say my balance has been reduced.

      I know it has been credited from the information on my credit file the balance has been reduced.

      I'm just quite shocked at how little hoist have done in regards to threats etc.


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        Hi, wel if they are doing very little then don't stress to do anything yourself.
        keep the refund letters safeand if poss a screen shot of your entry on the credit file, then just wait till Hoist contact you and see what the balance owing is.
        they will be in touch soon as SB is looming
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