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    I am looking for some advice if possible please. The following happened in July 2020:
    I use Gumtree and eBay fairly regularly and I had made a sale on Gumtree which was paid via bank transfer in to my Santander account. I then transferred this to my Monzo account as I use this for small payments and bills etc. I can not remember the specific amount but it was definitely double figures and I believe around £20. I noticed a few days later that I could no longer draw money out from my Santander account and then received a letter a few days later telling me that my account had been closed for fraud prevention. I was completely shocked at the time but did some Googling and saw that this type of thing is not uncommon amongst the big banks. Having read numerous forums etc I decided I would just use Monzo as my main account.

    I had forgotten about all of this when I was offered my dream job for Admiral in November 2020 and was due to start in January 2021. I had received a contract from them and was looking forward to starting in January. Unfortunately I was then contacted by their recruitment department who said that I had a Cifas marker and this would need to be addressed. I explained I had no knowledge of this and didn't even know what Cifas was at the time. I did some research and was completely baffled, so I submitted a DSAR to them and received back the details. It said Category 6 First Party Fraud and I was only aware what it was relating to when I read July 2020 from Santander bank it clicked.

    Unfortunately Admiral have withdrawn their offer of employment for me and this has caused genuine anxiety and distress about my future. Firstly I have been denied my dream job but I am now really stressed about the next 5 and a half years as I will not be able to get insurance, credit, mortgages etc it is a very worrying situation for what I feel is a mistake on their half.

    Does anyone know how I would go about getting this marker removed please?