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Fraud claim against me on cifas

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  • Fraud claim against me on cifas

    Hi Barclays filed a fraud claim against me on 30th may 17 and it got recorded on 19th August 17. I had a natwest account after and that got closed down so I opened a nationwide account and that's closing down soon. I have tried to open another bank but keep getting rejected. One bank told me why so I got my file from cifas which says Barclays put it on there as I was apparently doing fraud. Just phoned the fraud team and because my account is closed they can't discuss this matter with me so told me to go into the bank and they will tell me why it's been put on there, but when Barclays was investigating my account the fraud team and the branch wasn't telling me anything so I don't think the branch will tell me anything. I think they just want to pass me on to someone else. My life is put on hold as I have bills and debts to pay. I am currently using a prepaid account but prefer to have a bank. Who do I make a complaint to and who do I go to to find out exactly what it's about and what are my chances of getting it removed?

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    you may want to contact, Diana Mayhew, she is a member on here,she works with our prefered solicitor
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      Had you been letting someone else use your account to deposit/transfer monies, at all?