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Scam outfit trying to chase bogus debt - can they put default notice on credit file?

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  • Scam outfit trying to chase bogus debt - can they put default notice on credit file?

    Hi, I was the victim of an auto-renewal scam by a company calling itself Dynamo Cover Ltd: See for the background and details of why it is a bogus claim (essentially it's an inertia selling scam, unauthorised use of my credit card, unilateral retrospective amendment of T&Cs etc).

    I had challenged their bogus claim from the very outset. They refused to refund the money they had taken from my credit card, even though I demanded that they cancel the renewal before the "cover" even started, and they stopped responding. So I then went to the credit card provider, Capital One, to contest the transaction. They took their time but eventually they found in my favour and refunded my money.

    That was several months ago and I thought the scammers would try it on again. And sure enough, a threat-o-gram arrived yesterday from some jumped-up office junior calling himself a "paralegal" and operating from "Dynamo Legal", which just happens to be in the same office. I have sent a robust response by email and special delivery.

    I don't believe they have a cat in hell's chance of winning a court case, if it even gets that far, but I am concerned that they may try to record a default with the credit reference agencies. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? It clearly is an abuse of the system if defaults can be recorded for matters that would never stand up in court.

    I am about to start a complaint with the FOS about this. I was going to start one months ago but I had held fire pending the outcome of the transaction dispute with the credit card company, then let it go when Capital One found in my favour.
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