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Land sold to private parking companies

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  • Land sold to private parking companies

    Hi, wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this?

    The estate where I live was built in the 60s and included land for garages and residents' parking. Over the years it's been transferred to various housing associations.

    The current housing association has slyly flogged off the garages and associated parking areas to Dudrich Holdings. They buy up garage stock and rent it out.

    However, the HA has also flogged off various open parking areas which means the land belongs to Dudrich and they have contracted various outfits to send out PCNs to anyobne caught unawares.

    It's an awful situation as the parking areas were never built to cope with the number of cars people have. It means that people who have been parking in spaces for over 50 years now find that they suddenly have to pay £50 a month for a non-guaranteed space or risk a PCN. The estate and surrounding area is designated as one of the worst areas for poverty in Hampshire and most residents don't have much money so it seems a bit much that they are paying to make some rich bugger even richer.

    No consultation or notice was given to the residents when the sale happened.

    Link below highlights the issue in a neighbouring town.

    Any thoughts on what to do?

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    Do you have an Assured Tenancy with the Housing Association, and if so what does it say about parking?

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      Hi Di,

      I'm a home owner on the estate and my title deeds don't say much about such things. The tenancy agreements we've seen also say nothing about parking other than park in the communal areas.