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    Originally posted by TibetanMonk View Post
    unfortunately I don't have the paperwork and the entry has been removed from my credit report owing to the account being opened more than 6 years ago

    In which case why not send a Subject Access Request to Barclaycard to see what data they hold on file. This might provide clarity on the Default date.

    If Hoist intend to issue a claim against you then they will typically instruct Howard Cohen Solicitors, who should (under Pre Action Protocol) send you a Letter of Claim giving you 30 days to respond before they can issue a claim.

    Have you previously sent a s78 CCA Request to anyone (sorry if the answer is on another thread of yours)?

    It would be good to know whether the debt is unenforceable even if it is Statute Barred. Don't send one now until things become clearer, because that might only encourage Hoist to issue a claim once you make yourself conspicuous.

    Cover all bases

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