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Pra Group & unenforcability

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    it seem I've lost even although Aktiv never owned the debt in the first place, they know its expensive to fight them it is nothing more than theft but I have no choice but to pay them.
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      Di being the Pra expert , I have contact details for the joint liquidators of Experto , do you think if I contact them they may be able to confirm what has happened to this account , some where closed , some where passed back to the original lender , some where passed onto others , could this explain a note on the file via the Sar I recieved from Mbna it clearly says that Mbna re assigned the debt to Pra Group on 21/02/2017 how can they do this when they sold it to Experto on 18/01/2010 ? , I know I'm a pest but it's there in black & white , how can you sell a debt twice?


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        Di just to complete my summing up Pra are basing there case on a letter from Ak transferring all rights to this debt to Pra from the Zug branch although the paper trail seems to assume the liquidators for Experto have passed the debt back to Mbna to sell for a second time you see my dilemma looks like Ak never ever actually owned it?