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Racial Abuse from Landlord

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  • Racial Abuse from Landlord

    Hello. My name is Jay. I am a new member. Nice to meet you all.

    I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect forum. I looked at the categories but could not find one to fit my situation.

    I am faced with a dire situation at the moment.

    I am an excluded lodger, that resides with a live in landlord. His partner has been raciallyy abuisve in a verbal manner towards me, to the point where he eventually threw a brass door knob at me, on one particular occasion. Upon getting the police involved, he was arrested and charged for that particular incident. The case went to court, where there was a judgment awarded in my favor, which presently includes a restraining order that disallows him from contacting me, as well as attending the residence.

    Since that judgment on 27th August, the offender has already breached the order several times, up until earlier this week, where he visited the residence. Upon me politely mentioning the order to the landlord, during a discussion concerning the electric meter, he used a racial epithet towards me (which he has never done before)...and I received notice from him today, with a request to leave date of October 3rd.

    I am in some arrears based on a loss of income due to the pandemic however I am fearful to call the police regarding his behavior as well as the breaches from his parther, concerning the restraining order, as he (the landlord) may request an earlier departure date as a result, which will leave me stranded.

    What rights do I have within a situation like this, please? In addition, do I have any entitlement to emergency accomodation, based on the constant breaching of the restraining order,? I feel as sthough my safety is in jeopardy, with that taking place.

    Thank you in advance for any and all responses..

    Best Regards,


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    This is from gov.Uk

    Your lodger is an excluded occupier

    Your lodger is likely to be an excluded occupier if:
    • they live in your home
    • you or a member of your family share a kitchen, bathroom or living room with them

    In this case, you only have to give them ‘reasonable notice’ to end the letting - and you will not have to go to court to evict them.

    Reasonable notice usually means the length of the rental payment period. For example, if rent is paid monthly, you should give one month’s notice.

    in terms of your situation, can you afford to rent elsewhere? Will you need council housing? Have you tried Shelter, they have some very good advice.


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      Hi Timewilltell,

      Thank you for your response.

      At present, I cannot afford to rent elsewhere, I will have funds at the end of the month but entirely sure if it will be enough for a deposit.

      I am not on the council housing list but would be open to doing so, even though that process may not be immediate enought o consuider for my pesent situation,

      I have tried to contact Shelter by phon and by chat but both are busy and are not allowing me access to any advisers.


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        You will need to contact your local council tell them that you are being made homeless and they have a duty to assist in rehousing you.